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Thrifty Clothes...and WHY!

Who does not LOVE a great sale? I mean seriously... the last time I checked we ALL do...unless your bank account has a gazillion zero's and in that case... you are probably NOT reading my lil ole blog! 

To me I am a savy shopper, and won't buy anything new unles it's on sale... GOODWILL is my go to for everything. A new DIY project I found on Pinterest....that will probaly be an epic failure on my behalf...but hey I didnt break the bank doing it! 

HOWEVER- my fiance' HATES the fact I buy clothing at however think it's the BEST..Why you ask.... it's already PRE-SHRUNK! I mean seriously how many times have you bought a cute top...washed it...and after that magical trip to the dryer (even though you told th e husband NOT to put it in the dryer) it comes looking as if you bough it in the infant section? You wash clothes when you bring home clothes from the "department stores" you do the same here! And YES I even make my own laundry detergent...but that's another story! 

Cheers to all my fellow Goodwill Shoppers! WHat has been your best snag clothes thrifting? Email me!